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Since I began my job in the tech industry I’ve allowed it to call the shots. 10 hour, 14 hour work days? Sure, no problem! Weekend work? Yep, count me in! 11PM meetings? I’m still awake anyway! And yes, as someone who works at a leading tech company I’m not going to ignore that I’ve also been blessed with privileges (like taking that 11PM meeting from my bed). 

However, it got to a point where all I could think, live, and do was work. All my friends were from work, so even after 5PM (the “end of my work day”) I was still consuming work talk and frustrations. That changed when I moved to Seattle and I had 0 friends near me – which was a whole other problem – but then I was obsessing over projects and details throughout the night. 

The answer to my lack of work/life balance seemed easy – work less. But why couldn’t I do it? Was I really that passionate about my work? Yes and no. I found that work gave me purpose and that fueled me. However, giving my all to work left me longing for so much more. I wanted to have memories of fun date nights, vacations, guiltless trips home to see my family and of course crazy nights out with friends. More than anything, though, I wanted a motivation that was personal to me, not just goals tied to my job.

And that’s really how this blog came to life. Going through my work/life balance journey I realized there was so much I wanted to share with others, especially with those who are just entering the corporate workforce. As a first generation Latina working in tech I thought I was navigating a lot of challenges alone, but that changed once I started being more vocal about my experience. 

While I’m no expert I hope that reading about my experiences navigating the tech world, moving away from home, and going through life as a 20 something year old in Seattle helps you feel less alone and be open to sharing your own story. 

All thoughts and content here are my own.

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