Networking: Preparing for the First Chat

So, you’ve made the first move and reached out to someone you’re looking to have a professional relationship with. You know exactly why you want to network with them and are excited to have them be part of your professional circle. This individual has even responded and offered to chat with you for 30 minutes… Continue reading Networking: Preparing for the First Chat


Networking: More than a Transaction

Over the past 3 months or so I have been completely ignoring my LinkedIn messages and personal email (sorry!) because the volume got overwhelming. As my recruiting season hit the ground running I started to get many messages asking for updates on applications, help with securing an interview, or tips on making a resume “stand… Continue reading Networking: More than a Transaction


June’s Makeup Diet

Over the last year and a half I’ve overindulged in beauty products. It started out when I stumbled upon a Youtube video, “Noche to Putear Makeup Tutorial.” The title was too outside my comfort zone for me to not be the least bit curious. From there I began subscribing to tons of beauty influencers on… Continue reading June’s Makeup Diet