The morning of my 25th birthday was spent in the ER. During a work trip to Mexico I managed to get a concussion and food poisoning. If you’re tired of reading about how I’m always sick and bouncing back imagine how I feel.

June’s Makeup Diet

Over the last year and a half I’ve overindulged in beauty products. It started out when I stumbled upon a Youtube video, “Noche to Putear Makeup Tutorial.” The title was too outside my comfort zone for me to not be the least bit curious. From there I began subscribing to tons of beauty influencers on YouTube and Instagram, buying (literally) into the need…

Finally Back…and Ready!

As expected, I launched and announced a blog revamp only to stay silent for almost a month. When it comes to personal passions and interests, in situations where there is zero work cross over, I tend to really slack. So, despite my journal of blog ideas and genuine excitement and motivation, work and life really got in the way…